Care Instructions

-Caring for Kitenge-

The Kitenge used by nomadic artisan are 100% cotton that our designer directly checks and buys right here in East Africa. All products are made after we prewashed by organic detergents to remove the wax and soften up the fabric. This process is essential as to avoid loss of colors and shrinking after your first wear.

Due to the dyeing method used in producing Kitenge, the material may lose color during the first few washes. We therefore ask our customers to wash and dry the garments separately for the first few times or until confident that the color is not running anymore.

Lastly, as a precautionary measure for other clothing, avoid layering with light colored garments unless certain that the color is not running anymore.

We want you to enjoy the unique charm of Kitenge, and to cherish it for a long time.



-About Detergents-

Upon pre-washing the fabric, we use GROUNDED soaps, an organic detergent made in Kenya. The detergents are 100% chemical-free and combine with the material being 100% cotton, it makes our garments gentle on everybody’s skin.

For more about GROUNDED, visit their websites at .

  -GROUNDED Laundry Powder   
Saponified Coconut Oil, Sodium Carbonate, Borax,Lemongrass Essential Oil
  -GROUNDED Fabric Softner 
Vinegar, Mint, Rosemary, Lemongrass Essential Oil




-About Kitenge-

Kitenge is a colorful, strong cotton material that is widely used in Africa. In Africa, the African Fabric is also called as Ankara, Wax print, Dutch print, Pagne, depends on the country and type of styles.

Its origin is Indonesian traditional fabric Batik, which is made by dyeing cloth using wax-resist techniques. Unlike other commercial printed fabrics, it's dyed so clear and beautifully that almost can't tell the difference between front and back of textile and have distinct color combinations.

In the 18th century, Dutch company learned the techniques during the Dutch colonization of Indonesia, later they brought it to West Africa and ever since new designs continue to be born every day.

Kitenge has been featured by VOGUE a couple of times, and often happen to see those superstars who has its roots in Africa wear Kitenge garment. The popularity of Kitenge has never stopped, it's attracting attention from all over the world.