Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding orders

Is the size same as the International Standard?

We use our own unique sizing that is calculated based on the average between International sizing (US size, EU size, or UK size) and Japanese sizing (JIS) considering our customer base. Therefore if you're someone who uses Int'l size, you may want to choose 1 size bigger than your usual choice. If you're someone who uses East Asia, South Asia standard size, you may want to choose 1 size smaller than your usual choice.
As for length wise, most of the designs are made considering Small size to be fitting to someone who's height is 150cm/4'9"~, Medium size to be 160cm/5'2"~, Large size to be 170cm/5'6"~.
We usually suggest picking the size that caters to your height, then check if B/W/H are not too small or too big.
Also, if you are ordering Semi-custom piece, we can adjust the length of bottoms (±15 at most).
If you are not sure, please feel free to inquire from our website or SNS DMs.

What is laying flat size?

Laying flat size is measured in a straight line with the garment laying on a flat surface. Actual size (bust, waist, hips, sleeves, thighs, etc.) needs to be doubled from each number.
i.e.) Laying flat size bust width 45cm → Actual bust size 90cm

I have placed an order through the online form but have not heard back

nomadic artisan only accepts orders from our online store, and we do not accept orders from SNS, online forms, E-mails. (We only accept orders from SNS if you reside in Kenya. Inquiries are accepted at any time from SNS, online forms, E-mails.)
We will answer all inquiries received from each platform in turn, but we may not be able to respond sooner if you order from other than the online store, especially when we are receiving large number of orders. And that may result in the ending of receiving period by the time we reply to your order.
Regarding Pre-orders and Semi-Custom orders, the purchase button will be displayed only during the sales period. If you can't find the purchase button, that means the sales period is over or the production availability has reached to its capacity. (For more details, please see the category of "Regarding Pre-orders and Semi-Custom orders".)

The item I ordered was too big, can I return or exchange it?

Regarding Collection items (ready-to-wear items), we only accept returns if the item is unused, and only if you contact us by E-mail or online form within 3 days after the delivery. After that, within 7 days of the delivery, please return it to the branch in Japan, and after confirming the condition of the product, we will process the refund or exchange the product. Please note that we cannot refund the shipping fee or the transaction fee.
Please note that we do not accept returns that have been used once or more, and if 4 days or more have passed since the delivery. In the case of a return due to the customer's convenience, please pay the shipping fee.
Please note that the Pre-order and Semi-Custom order items are deemed to be final product and are not eligible for return or refund.

Regarding Pre-Orders & Semi-Custom Orders 

What is Semi-custom order?

nomadic artisan's Semi-Custom order is an order method in which you select your favorite design from our past collections, and your favorite fabric from our fabric list. We also offer free length adjustments (within ±15 cm, depending on the item it could be within ±10 cm) that do not involve design alterations.

What is Pre-order?

nomadic artisan's Pre-order is a way to place orders in advance and receive the newest designs one step ahead of the launch of new seasonal collections on the online store, which are scheduled four times a year.
You can choose your favorite fabric from the fabric list, and we also offer free length adjustments (within ±15 cm, depending on the item it could be within ±10 cm) that does not involve design alterations.

When do you accept Semi-custom orders?

Semi-custom orders are usually scheduled four times a year, and we take orders at the timing of new seasonal collection's design announcements and Pre-order acceptance. Purchase buttons for Semi-custom orders are categorized in garment type (Dress, All-in-one, Tops, Bottoms, Outerwear, etc.) and are displayed only during the sales period. If you can't find the purchase button, that means the sales period is over. Also, even if the purchase button is displayed, if the name of the item you want is displayed in gray on the pull-down menu and cannot be selected, then that means the production availability of the item is reached to its capacity.
In addition, if we receive a large number of orders, the sales period may be closed earlier than originally planned. For the latest information, please check our SNS or sign up for Newsletter.

I don't know how to order a Semi-custom order

Regarding Semi-custom orders, when the sales period starts, purchase buttons for Semi-custom order will be displayed on the online store. Please select the purchase button according to the garment type (Dress, All-in-one, Tops, Bottoms, Outer wear, etc) you look for. After that, from the link to the fabric list at the bottom of the product photo, check the number of your favorite fabric from the group to which the ordering item belongs to. In addition, please check the size you want from the link to the size chart.
Then go back to the product page, select the item you want from the pull-down menu and add it to your cart. When you go forward to the cart, you will find the product name you have selected underneath of the "Shopping cart", and right below of it there is a "Add notes" field, so please type in the number of the fabric and size you chose. After that, proceed to the payment to complete your order.
If you do not enter the number of the fabric and size you want, we will contact you later to confirm it. There might be a possibility where the fabric of your choice becomes out of stock by the time we contact you, so please make sure to specify the size and fabric number when you order.

I'd like to place an order for a Semi-custom item, but I cannot find it at the online store

I'd like to place an order for a Semi-custom item, but I cannot find it at the online store
The purchase buttons of Semi-custom orders are displayed only during the sales period. If you can't find the purchase buttons, the sales period is over or hasn't started yet.

Can the length be adjusted?

For Pre-orders and Semi-custom orders, we offer length adjustments for free (more than ±5 cm and within ±15 cm, depending on the item it could be within ±10 cm), when it does not involve design alterations.
Upon ordering, please fill in your request to the "Add notes" field.

Can the long-sleeved items be adjusted into short-sleeves?

For Pre-orders and Semi-custom orders, we do not accept any length adjustments that requires design alterations.
Please note that we cannot accept any requests that changes the design significantly, such as changing long sleeves to short sleeves, changing maxi length to knee length, changing wide straps to skinny strap, etc.

Can I order exactly the same fabric and design that the model in the picture is wearing?

For Pre-orders and Semi-custom orders, customers can choose their favorite fabric from the fabric list and designs from our past collections.
You can choose the fabric used for the item that the model is wearing in the photo as long as it is in stock, as well as if it can be restocked.
However, please note that we may not be able to meet your request if the fabric is on high demand and is out of stock or cannot be restocked.

Regarding Fabric List

Why can fabric be chosen from only a limited group?

The Kitenge we use are sold in a piece of 6 yards (5.5m) each. To cater preference of many customers, we usually only stock a couple of pieces in many different variations.
The groupings of the fabric list (New Arrivals, A, B, C, D, E, F, etc.) are classified according to the remaining length of the fabric at our studio. We offer a wide variety of items, from dresses to tops, but the amount of fabric used to make each varies significantly. Therefore, in order to avoid the inconvenience of a customer picking the fabric that does not have enough length for their order, we group the fabric by the remaining length below, and ask customers to select from the group that the item you want belongs to.
A= 4.5yard / 4m〜
B= 3~4.5yard / 2.75m~4m
C= 2~3yard / 2~2.75m
D= 1.6~2yard / 1.5~2m
E= 1~1.6yard / 1~1.5m
F= 1yard / 1m
G= Remnants
Please note that the remaining length is constantly changing as per the production progresses daily, so there may be cases where the remaining is insufficient even though it is in the applicable group.

There is a fabric that I would like restocked. What can I do

Currently, our fabric list has reached the no. 400 level, and the number is basically given in the order in which we purchased it, so the smaller the number, the older in date of purchase, and the bigger the number, the more recently we purchased the fabric.
If you have a request of restocking, we will restock it as much as we can find the fabric, but Kitenge's distribution is very fast, new designs are born almost every week, and old designs disappear from the market.
Fabric in the single digits to 300-level are purchased over 1~5 years ago, and basically cannot be restocked. However, in rare cases, it may be reprinted and return to the market, or there may be a few pieces left in the market. If you desire to get a specific fabric to your item, please fill in to "Add notes" field during the Pre-order and Semi-custom order acceptance period.
If it is outside of the Pre-order or Semi-custom order acceptance period, please feel free to contact us via Email or SNS DMs.

What should I do if I only want to order with my first-pick of fabric?

If you only want your first pick to be used to your order, please indicate that in "Add notes" field, and place an order during the Pre-order and Semi-custom order acceptance period. Then if the fabric is not available, we will cancel your order and process refund.
We finalize fabric selection one order by order, in the turn we receive. Therefore, even if you contact us via E-mail or SNS DMs in advance and the fabric is still available at that time, it can possibly be out of stock when you actually place an order, due to high demand for the fabric prior to your purchase.

Regarding Shipping


弊社はDHL Kenyaと提携しており、日本含む全世界へ配送を行なっております。

Can I purchase from outside of Kenya?

We have partnership with DHL Kenya, and we do ship worldwide.
The countries we have shipped to so far are;
<Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Portugal, Uganda, Malawi>
The delivery fee is a flat rate by area, and the zone segment of major areas are as follows.
[Zone 1~5] Africa, Europe, Middle East, UK, Ireland: $15
[Zone 6~7] North America, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia: $17
[Zone 8] Oceania, Russia, Central Asia, South America: $30

Who pays customs duty?

Customs duties are charged when the goods cross the border, and to be paid by the recipient to the recipient's country of residence, hence we ask the customer to be responsible for payment of customs duties.
Please note that the regulation, duty rates, tax exemption conditions, etc. differ depending on the country of residence, so we cannot advise whether or not payment will be charged nor the amount.

Why does it take extra days and ship via Japan if I live in the remote delivery area specified by DHL?

Since all nomadic artisan products are made in our studio in Kenya, in order to minimize shipping costs for customers who place orders from overseas' remote area, we ship them to Japan's branch in bulk twice a month, then ship them to your country.
Please note that the estimated delivery date is an extra 2~4 weeks depending on the area you live. If you are in a rush, we can deliver in 7~10 days with an additional charge.

Regarding Washing

How do I wash my new garment?

The African fabric, Kitenge, used by nomadic artisan is 100% cotton and can be washed at your home by washing machine.
Due to the dyeing method used in creating Kitenge, the material may lose color during the first few washes.
To tackle this problem, most of the products are made using pre-washed fabric. This process is essential so as to avoid loss of color and shrinking after your first wear. We therefore ask our customer to wash the garments separately for the first few washes, or until confident that the color is not running anymore.
As a precautionary measure for your other clothing, avoid layering with light-colored cloth unless certain that the color is not running anymore.

How do I dry my new garment?

For Dresses, All-in-ones, Tops, and Outerwear, we recommend line dry. After washing, fix the shape and dry it using a hanger, so you can save time ironing.
For Skirts and Pants, fix the shape and line dry. We also recommend using a round clip hanger (the one used for socks, etc.) and line dry in tube shape.


I haven't received the newsletter

Our newsletter is sent irregularly. We send out 1-2 E-mails every two months.
If you do not receive the newsletter, it may have been sorted into your spam box. Alternatively, the address you registered may have a misspelling. Please contact us to see if your E-mail address is registered correct, or re-register.
If you would like to change your E-mail address, please contact us for the update.